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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Bon showing off his student ID

It has been really long since the last time I see 文平木圣. Haha!
It's really a pleasure to have chance to video call with my old friend.
Finally got chance to see his room... LOL
But this forever-stupid-plus-lousy-msn spoilt our conversation.
No sound (got la... duno y i can onli hear the sound of flipping newspaper), slow and dc twice somemore.
Haha! Nvm... Can see him then okie already.
Wow! feel so high as I can meet my friends soon in dec! yay!
Okie... see u in Malaysia!

Bon showing off his student ID

Another take with different angle

Walao... I miss Sin Chew Jit Poh...


wjleong said...

lolx... i lost my student id


sob sob sob

Teddy said...

my Student ID turn yellow leh.. duno why.. the plastic so lousy wan, turn kuning liao.. hehe...