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Thursday, 13 November 2008



I cant change my mind after I made this post, as this is an unilateral contract and offer is made to everyone who have read this. You can take legal action on me if I refuse to buy you ice-cream, provided that I've not studied hard enough in the one month period.

就像我当初赶Seni Folio时,



UncleWong said...

Mr Teo, you must have studied well to construct this 'offer'.

If you're 'offering' a unilateral contract, then this is practically ITT. So discretion is at your side but not ours lar...But i offer to accept your offer, would you want to accept?

Thinking like a lawyer already, know how to twist language to your benefit.

By the way, your acceptance should be 'absolute and unqualified'-Neale v Merrit. So you cannot use "provided that i..." in your offer.

In short, even you accept our offer, contract is still invalid. Good one Mr Teo!

All the best my friend! Hope to be able to meet you when you come back.

ley said...

At the 1st glance at this post, I thought you are a friend of my dad (because of your nick: unclewong). But I know you aren't after processing thru the whole passage. Haha! Okie... I assume that you don't want to disclose yourself here. Allow me to ask you something. R u frm SSI and had come to my house during form 1 while my house is under renovation? If yes, I know your identity already. Haha!

I haven't studied yet at the time I post this lame post. Haha! Simply simply write something only.

Btw, what is ITT?

Waa... contract invalid arr... Then I must study harder!

Same to you. I'll be back in Dec 20. =)

UncleWong said...

Give you a hint, it was i who convince you to take law class at also sent me a question through friendster and i replied you late.

I'm quite surprised that after a few months, you have not touched contracts act yet. So what are you starting to study anyway?

By the way, ITT is invitation to treat. I think it should be under the topic of offer. If you don't know this, i bet your dad will whack you when you come back...HAHAHA...

ley said...

okie... i got it right already... u r PWKT... hehe

wic acts u mean? UCTA 1977? we did tat already. we r now at duress.

ya... for sure my dad will whack me lor... haha!

ley said...

oops... anyway thanks for your guidance... forgot to thank you last time... haha!