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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Result is out

Result was out yesterday...
Shall I post it here?
Not very good, but I'm satisfied (only for this time. I will never get such result again.)
I got 2:2 for all 3 subjects (2 out of the 3, nearly 2:1)

I really got to thank God for this.
I thought I'm not gonna do well in public law 1.
I wrote everything about administrative law in constitutional law exam.
Can you imagine that?

I didn't get 2:1 for contract law.
A bit disappointing.
I chucked at least 15 cases into one question leh.
After getting the marks break down,
I realised that actually my problem questions' marks were quite high, higher than many people's.
Essay question was the cataclysmic one.
Expected la.
It's impossible to get high marks for an essay which used a trade of apple as an example.
I think the examiner who mark this essay was really get amused.

LMS was the one which make me pekchek.
I got deducted of 2 marks from my coursework out of no reason.
So, I lost my 2:1.

After all, I have to thank God for everything I got.
But for Him, I don't think I can pass this exam.
Thanks God.

I'll aim for at least 1 1st Honours for this semester,
and no lower than 2:1.
Maybe I should aim for higher grade.
1st Honours for all the subjects in this semester.
Then I'll be the 1st Malaysian who achieve this.
What is law when I'm offered to study medic and actuarial science?
It should be a piece of cake! (I'm rejected by LSE for law, so don't say that I'm arrogant. Haha!)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Economic Tort is Kliing Me!!!