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Saturday, 11 July 2009


Result for the second semester had been out weeks ago, but I was too lazy this blog. Arghhh… Lazy to blog lar…

Ok, I’ve passed, and I can proceed to the second year. Yay! ^.^

The grades I got are really higher than what I expected (I thought I’d get a border pass for all the subjects coz I’m aiming for that). Lolz. I broke my previous promise to get good grades. Aww.

But, I’m very contented already. =)

Imagine, I used only 2 weeks to study 3 subjects, and I never touch most of the topics before. That is really really last minute study lorr. Luckily I passed. (Don’t try this at home.)

For criminal law, I used 4 days to study (1 day 1 topic). I focused on theft, fraud, offence against the person, murder, general defence, and some chapalang. I got a 2.2 for that. WOW!!!

For tort law, I used 5 days. I skipped the whole big chuck of ‘negligence’ which comprised of around 60% for this subject. I really thought that I’m not gonna to make it. Out of surprise, I got a high 2.1 for that!!! Walao!

As for administrative law, I used 4 days. I only studied 4 topics (only manage to conquer 2) and I passed. Wahaha!

But for God, I’m not gonna to make it.

But for Him, I’d definitely die this time. And He saved me AGAIN!

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Wahaha!!!

I got to thank my Papa, Mama and my sisters for sacrificing their sleep and meals during the exam period.

I felt sorry for them.

Coz of my immaturity and lack of self disciplin to study, they suffered and cant sleep well.

Papa guided me through webcam to do the revision and he skipped meals to help me. He even postponed some court cases, some meetings and dinners to guide me. I’m so unfilial.

I promise I won’t do last minute study again.

EU Law, Equity and Trust, Company Law - Here I come…