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Monday, 15 December 2008

Char Key Tiao Hawker

There is a hawker selling char kuey tiao.
His char kuey tiao is very popular and always got rated highly by everyone who had tasted it.
So, every customers come to his stall with a very high expectation.
He never let down his loyal regular customers.
One day, he realise that his char kuey tiao quality is deteriorating.
He blamed the kuey tiao.
He blamed the supplier.
He blamed the flame.
He blamed the prawn.
He blamed the cockle.
He blamed the beansprout.
He blamed that sausage.
He blamed the gas cooker.
Afterall, he found that the problem is he himself.
He found that everything has changed.
He realised that actually does not how to fry kuey tiao, perhaps he is not suitable to fry kuey tiao.
He had been frying kuey tiao for years.
It is his life.
He cant survive without it.
He knows nothing but frying kuey tiao.
But now, even frying kuey tiao is such a difficult task for him.
He really doesn't know what to do.
Advise him, fellow customers.


Teddy said...

har? if it was so popular, means it's good lor..

if its not good now, it means he set his expectation higher than usual lor..

maybe he shud just let the customer decide, rather than himself..

y the sudden interest about kuey tiao? leong oso..

~kyi~ said...

Indeed...the problem doesn't lie with the capability of the hawker himself...the problem is that the hawker doesn't have absolute faith in himself and has the thought of changing career...he shall tell himself there's no turning back route..."experience and confidence" will overcome everything.

- p c b o n - said...

a process of growing,
he is growing dude,so are you :)

Teddy said...

naa... ley, when u r taller than kYi.. then u r growing.. hehehe... blueeekkkk!!! hehehe...